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Temporary Modifications to our Boarding Policies During the Pandemic:

  • We are happy to announce that we will be re-opening our boarding kennels again as of 3/25/20, to our established clients and patients only. We know that even though vacations and travel have been limited or canceled, certain circumstances may arise where you will need a safe place to take your beloved pet. 
  • We ask that you refrain from bringing along personal items that may not be easily sanitized. We have plenty of fluffy blankets for our boarders to sleep on. The items we are prohibiting are: Beds, Blankets and any type of fabric toys. These items, along with collars and leashes will be sent with you when you drop off.
  • When you arrive to drop off your pet(s) for boarding, we are still asking that you call when you arrive. The reception staff will check you in and meet you at the side door (at the far side of the lobby). Follow all the same guidelines we have set into place for doctor appointments listed on our Home Page. We will continue to post updates on our boarding procedure on our website as well as our Facebook.

**Thank you for your patients during these uncertain times!**

**We are a full-service animal hospital that offers boarding services to our established clients.**

Aggressive/Anxious Animals:  If your pet is anxious, talk to your veterinarian prior to boarding. There may be options to help with easing anxiety.  Unfortunately, aggressive pets that pose a threat to the staff’s safety will not be allowed to stay.  If a pet appears to be aggressive while here, they will need to be picked up immediately.

Health Care Requirements-

Dogs need to be current on:

    1. Rabies
    2. Distemper 
    3. Bordetella 
    4. Negative fecal test

Cats need to be current on:

    1. Rabies
    2.  Distemper 
    3. Negative fecal test

If your pet is not up to date on the above vaccinations, we can take care of them while they are staying with us. In order to administer any vaccinations, our doctors will have to do a physical exam that will cost extra. This is something that is required by law  for any patient we do not have a current relationship with.

Personal belongings:  Collars and leashes will be removed upon arrival and sent with you.  A hospital ID collar will be applied while they are in our care. (Safety is important to us! No slipped or chewed collars, and no tags or buckles that could potentially get caught in drainage grates.) Toys and bedding will be allowed on a case by case basis (will be removed if safety is compromised- stress chewing, choking hazard, etc.)

Feeding:  We highly recommend bringing along your pet’s regular food to be fed while they board. This will reduce upset stomachs from diet change, and decrease chances of stress colitis. If it is not possible (or not enough is supplied), we do provide a bland GI diet for a small daily fee. (See price list below)

Medications:  If your pet is on a medication, bring it along! Our staff will continue giving it when it is due. There is a small daily fee for administration. (See price list below)

Walks:  While boarding, the dogs get walked multiple times a day for no less than 5 minutes at a time. This is done within our spacious back yard while they are double leashed with our leashes.


    • Large Dog Run:  $22.50/night
    • Small/Medium Dog Cage:  $21.50/night
    • Cat Cage:  $21.50/night
    • Day Boarding:  $15.00/day 
    • Kennel Food:  $3.00/day
    • Administer Medication:  $3.00/day